Oh my gosh. Today I just want to cry. I have a low burn sadness going on right now. It is not comfortable at all.

i realize that I have been vitamin dicked. Ducking seasonal affective disorder strikes again. It will be ok. I may grab my sun lamp from my studio. 

(A few hours pass)

I didn’t grab my sun lamp bc it’s raining but I did go to a meeting. And.  


And it will be ok. I have a low burn sad, kind of want to cry, because i HAVE s.a.d.

My life is kicking ass in unknown ways and my level of discomfort right now but not freaking panic- means that I am learning. This is all good. This is how I should be feeling. It’s 10:05 and I am going to sleep. I think I might go bowling tomorrow if I can remember who was mentioning it. This is what I HATE - when I feel overwhelmed it is hard for me to remember specifics of people. And I don’t know a lot of names which is so embarrassing! Ack! 

So im ending with a picture of my adorable delightful puppy niece. She is such a funny, lovely dog. 

Her eyes say it all. ❤️👍

Her eyes say it all. ❤️👍

Christina Osheim