Meh/ September 7, 2017

More of the same.

Tired. Anxious. Mildly depressed. Awaiting the pesky banana peel to show itself.

But, I got my studio set up!!! It is worksble!!! And i have more space to fill up with work.

Im glad. It'll be good for me to just work there. And i have enough in process thay there will be lots of sanding which is a really good meditative time to have.

Time is coming and soon things that i am uber nervous about will have happened. And what I need to remind myself now is that I can decide to not be depressed. To make an effort to look on the bright side. To seek a silver lining. To figure I am a Master of molding things and CAN mold my life into the positive I know it is.

THIS!!! Solution to my frustrations! Laugh myself out of it into lightness. 😄

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Christina Osheim