Circle-ey circle of circleness.

I wrote a really good post. On circles. Ha. Stupid silly lovely circles. And its uploading failed and buh bye writing that was.

How i am in a slow burn of mild depression right now as I am living in the grays. 

a lot is uncertain and will be just a shift in my cirxle, darma wheel, world, steering wheel whatever that will dictate how i progrrss forward.

and itll be such a tiny small shift but thay stupid tiny shift will be important and i have no control ovwr it than being open to it as i have done and am doing what I can. 

its the whole *<|%¥>~{€££****?~%££* Princess and the pea thing. Stuoid silly small circle is important. And a small minute minor change causes ripple effects. And i am powerless to an uncomfortable degree of how my circle shifts.

Christina Osheim