Project what-way?

better yet. Project Ruh Roh. There is still a new project runway. Huh. I had somehow thought it was not on anymore. It feels stale. I dont think itll be on much longer. Poor Tim Gunn. Making it work is making it not work/be. (Or in my opinion)

Hmmmm... what to report.

Work work lotsa work. Yaaaay! Got a vintage building blocks set w train tracks. Yaaaay! Got into american craft council st paul. Yaaaay?!? (I dont know if i can afford to go and am vascilating... aaaaah! I am so worried about it being abother Baltimore. If I do go $ to help pay for it will be my xmas and bday gift requests. Shit. I didnt expect to have to think about this yet)

but this chickadee is tired. Gnite!

Christina Osheim