Saturday baby!

Oh you gray ghost of sobriety, you do have a dark (har har) sense of humor. A text to a friend "i am one oddly wired pooped pelican." Which is indeed true however you cut the cake. Or dice the tomato.

Last night i was wacky and ecstatic about getting my drawings in frames. The curious thing is it is getting easier for me to recognize when i am touching an extreme and i can enjoy (or not dependkng on the situation) it while knowing that it is impermanent and i will see the flip of the emotion at an undefined time. I knew I was getting an abnormal glee, but I reveled in it. Aaaaaaaaaaah *still feeling warm happy bliss about me*



At the market, which went really well for me, I was told by an artist I know something like "you framed your doodles. Thats nice." That big balloon full of helium floating way up high. Poooooooooof. Or rather a nice slow puff or phffffff of helium and a small squaky voice going "uh oh."

Aka, its been that gnat that has gotten under my skin and gnawed away at this ego for a bit.

But hot shower, clean junk clothes, grandmas quilt, my couch and hulu have been a nice dozey break and given me some space to laugh at myself and my neurosese!

ok, studio and meeting! Ta ta my blog buddies.

Christina Osheim