Plaster, porcelain, slipppity slide-ily metering submetering, clay eggs, electric wires, juggling act, *POOOOOOOOF*

its going well. I am working and that is going well, just have things to do before the day is done and energy o need to find.

I am finding the energy. I sit at barnes and noble awaiting my venti americano that somehow managed to only cost $0.66! What???? Sure it wasnt $0.666??? Except then that would be $0.67. 

I just bought frames and paper to get my drawings "official". Goodness. I feel nervous and like an awkward teenager waiting for her prom date. Except I was the awkward teenager who wasnt asked to the prom or any other hs dance for that matter. What will happen?? Romeo in a limousine with a gorgeous corset? A bag full of burning poo thrown at me? A stand up? Or more likely someone to come up and say cool, looks a bit disinterested and have a half assed time. 

Who knows? The point is I can easily go cindarella and make up fantastical stories and imagine extremes. When what is likely is people will think theyre cool and curious and be a bit unsure of what to do with them. Hahahaha, middle of the road grays we meet again!

And I got distracted. Need to sleep but need to finish this!!! oh those gray ghosts of the middle way will guide me to my proper





today!!!!! TODAY!!!!!! MOTHER FUCKING TODAY!!!!!!!!!  

I feel like i am paddling to the other side of the rubicon. I can live a life, the life i would like to live while being authentic me!!! These and my clay sculptures and my tumblers are the most me.  

Wow! Wow wow wow wow!

Ok must sleep. Up in 5 hrs to be bright eyes and bushy tailed.  


Christina Osheim