What is the allure of the cardigan? A question for the ages.


Someome else came up with the idea or term "art posse." And has claimed the url. Only its not just art posse but "the" art posse. The article "the" is essential in classification. Art posse is too general. The art posse makes it singular and more elusive. Although I guess I used cville as an article. So what am i saying????!? Aaaaaah! My brain implodes. English grammar why are you and I always facing each other with masks on and epees ready????

the site seems so bizarre to me and not intuitive. Or it looks outdated, but clearlh there are very current posts. Strange.

This is a segway to the posse rode again tonight.  It was good! The group is beginning to gel and i am beginning to get less ocd about it. I am still really tired so left early.

and am continuing my ongoing date w buffy.





Christina Osheim