Hump day


Ursula K Le Guin has a blog.

Aaaaahhhh! This poor little blog of mine has serious competition! The hordes of people on the edge of their seats waiting to get into the fantastical realm of my brain will be seduced by the primo penmisstress, dominatrix, quillsharpener, linguiphile, scrtiptress. I am doooooomed. These 0's and 1's shall soon be burning away in Jackie O, but without the chic elan.

Just pass me the laser gun now 😜

Actually, I think that is pretty awesome. I have not started following her, but really like the idea of someone with such an illustrative career doing something like i am. Gosh, what a narcissist I am. 

Im starting to re-emerge from myself. The spaceships are opening this cocoon up and taking my walker away. (I am such a nerd as that is making me laugh out loud... ahhh... that light saber has carved a N on my cheek.)

tonight is quarterly speaker meeting followed by board games and pizza. Should be fun! I made chocolate chip cookies. Anyway, i may have a wee nap before this shindig starts. 😄


Christina Osheim