Happy Saturday

Today has been a good day. In some ways not at all what I expected and others perfect. 

My dream of being wonder woman and magically getting my studio in perfect working order and solving world hunger fell through. SURPRISE! But it wqs a good day at the market. I made a profit, had good conversations, have a possible project in the future (YIPEEEEEE!!! I love assignments) and was placed next to an artisan who is my age, from cville, ran in the same circles back in the day and is good friends with a guy I hung out with a bunch in high school and havent seen in over a decade. WHO!!! Happened to be in town and swung by the market. Such a small world and so wonderfully surreal.  

I then proceeded to take a bath and read, read in bed and nap, and now read and drink coffee on the downtown mall before heading to a meeting. Not what I expected or planned, but all the better for that! Happy Saturday alle sammen!  


Christina Osheim