What? Who? Where? Huh?

im back in cville and feeling discombobulated. Yeah. Having to pinch myself and go "huh/hmmm/🤷‍♀️"

Can I just take a nap? For about a week? And the be right back here only rested? Puhleeeeeeeeeze????! Cherries on top?  

Well crapola. I cant. And so must begin to parse last weekend. And to do so for my nutty little head that is really just getting back to work. I am an obsessor and it is too easy for me to let my mind turn a new experience into a hamster wheel exercise trying to figure out where and how it gets catalogued in my mind.

so back to work i go! 

today was fun. Twin peaks followed by bingo doe charity. Now sleep for productivity. Reporting nack in <24rs. 

Christina Osheim