🍒 / by Christina Osheim

Today is National Cherry Popsicle Day. That makes me really happy in a David Lynchian way. Although his thing is cherry pie. Close enough!

Walking to the metro my friends husband had an experience. A block or so ahead a lady was proudly hopping around holding a free hug sign, grinning like a lunatic. Only problem, signs upside down.

A well dreased middle aged african american man walking in front of hm started waving his arms down to one side. The lady gets ecstatic and bounces even higher with her sguh eerf sign waving like jitterbug. The man increases his arm movements - picture turning a large ship wheel. His motioms begin to get a little more stilted ans agitated. The lady is now a pogo stick of ecstacy.

And my friend and this man are still walking steadily towards this hug gifter. The man starts muttering flowery language about the signs position.

Upon approach the lady throws caution to the wind and races up to him with a huge embrace. The man stiffens, states "your sign is upside down" and walks on. 

Happy National Cherry Popsicle Day.