I am writing this now ar 8:30 as I mentally get myself psyched for whatever is to unfold. The show goes until 8pm and I really have no idea what will be what by that time. So might forget to post this or finish writing whatever in the goggeltygook that is me kerflummoxed. See, starting to prepare already.

I think there is much of this that is just disbelief. I never planned or expected to be doing things like this or that my hoped for livelihood would envolve being an extrovert. Whaaaaat?  

Its all so screwy.  

texts i wrote to a friend this morning

I get to choose how I react- i have no clue what will happen. This is a choose your own adventire i signed up for!

Perhaps the midget will buy an apothecary jar from me?

Or i see so many shades of blue in ladies hair that I enter into a geriatric period- blues in denture cups

I can choose to have some fun even though this is all so uncomfortable! Plus im right by the bathroom and have a back curtain exit. Yipppppeeeee!

Plus I am being watched by my friends foster pup Cerberus 

He is the ziggernaut of fear - the ziggygeist of rage and the possessor of lungs a toddler would be envious of

Handle appendages with care near the ziggstorm as there is no guarantee of safe return.

Driving home last night (home being my good friends house) the radio played Prince ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌 followed by a Meatloaf ballad. That dichotomy is what this experience is about!

Oh man oh man. I will have some fantastical stories to put JK Rowling to shame!

Dread and fear? Nah lunacy and delight, yeah!

Ok. Must brace the monster and go rustle up some coffeee or as the adventure likes to put it covfefe 😜


And i did brave the elemebts and decided to double fist it w joe to gelp get my blood pumping.  Now ive been making breakfast to ziggy's bowie-esque dulcet tones. Im posting this now as i dont think i will want to write more later. 

Wish me luck on this mad adventure called life!

Christina Osheim