Oh my goodness. (I feel like I start so many posts like that) but seriously, oh my goodness.  

and there's a bit of what to share and not share. Could my thoughts at this very moment come back and bite me in the ass??? 

Possibly. So I, lover of extremes, must have my ass either large enough that it can easily absorb an attack or be so small and nimle that i can dance around on my tingle toes! 

Middle? Pshaw. What middle?  just saying whay your current truth is and try to he nice and honest and hope its not misinterpreted....? Really? Thats ehat I should do? Well crap. 

Ok... here goes

i dont know what to expect or what to be. I dont know Möbius Keramikk at this scale of exhibition. Its like the training wheela are coming off and i can see my baby wobble a bit. And S much as I want to write a preemptive narrative that has me pretty darn lught or dark. So it will br something. 

i also realized that the exhaustion I have been feeling with all of te change and work thay ive been doing has made me wonky.  

Information overload.  

I tried ao hard to get my kights up and i alipped on a chair and pop my leg was eateb. This happened twice. So it now is tibgly abd hurts. 

Shkhms be good. I aksi vkame today on David Lynxh!!! 

what will tomorrow  have jn store??? V


Christina Osheim