Sunday Funday

My studio feels like home. I love it! What do I crave, not a spectacular abode with lots of light and wooden floors (though that'd be sweet) but a large warehouse filled with possibility.  

perhaps that is it. It feels mine. I have been a nomad camping out at various spots for so long that it was my old beloved apartment in Philly that last felt mine.

The pronoun mine is bugging me a bit there. It seems Finding Nemo "mine mine mine mine" selfish. I cannot claim to be selfless, Nirvana and I have yet to be introduced. But can and do hope to try not to be selfish. Try being the operative word perhaps.

But this space or a chunk of a large space is mine to be the creative director. Wow! It really is something! Then it will be something else and somethint else after. But somethint will always be something.  

So I am drinkiny coffee and debating how and when I will go say hi to something and do this or that. 

Some possibilities:

its looking like tonight may be the trial run of my kiln!!! Eeek. I wonder what it'll get named

swirk girl and i had am awesome time last night. Im thinking she and i may have a morning spin soon.

im thinkjng about Styx in terms of my studio and how im using it. Cinderella bucket, Styx drain, who knows what is next

i think i will be glazing around the eclipse. Wow oh wow! I wonder whay my glaze will turn out to be?!?!? Maybe some yellows.  

Fun times 😄 Ok, must shower so i can actually get this wagon moving. 

happy sunday!

Christina Osheim