Somehow today writing this makes me think of Wednesday a la Addams family. Not sure why but ok.  

This is happening. It is really happening. I THREW today! And pulled molds. And worked while people were doing their own thing. I could throw and focus.

YES! *pinch* sweeeeeeeeeet! And i cleaned up well, used my cinderella bucket. I am trying so hard to set ip good habita so this studio doesnt become unworkable/dirty. My landlord has nicknamed the whole complex "the space" but i feel like my part of the space needs a name other than möbius keramikk. But Aetelier Absurditet doesnt work. That fits my parents basement which will always remain aetelier absurditet in my head.

anyhoooo. Its been a good day, but a long one and i need to get aome z's to make 6am jazz hands hour.


Christina Osheim