Oh my. Today I feel full. its a funny thing- the word full in Norwegian means drunk. And I am an alcoholic. But I dont feel drunk. I do feel full though and from that can understand how it does mean drunk in Norwegian. Meaning my head feels full and by being full just a bit fuzzy or dull.

And I am trying so hard to remember anonymity in all that I talk about or reflect upom. But wonder where the line is drawn. Or where I feel morally comfortable drawing mine.

And now I have to step back and laugh at myself. I want to delve into a lot of overthinking and philosophical inquiry really just to brag a bit and make myself feel better. I dont feel bad per se, but I dont feel good either. Im just a slate-ish color.

But slates can be drawn on and I am going to focus on 3 wonderful things of this weekend. 

1. I saw and had a great visit with a good friend and her kiddos. It was so good to reconnect and just be ourselves for the first time since ny alcohilism and subsequent rexoveey happened. I played soccer w her 2.5 year old son for about 45 minutes in theor backyard and cuddled her two 6mo twin girlies. Hearts all around. I fell like a sack or happy potatoes 😍

2. I tried to be help and react as best I could/can for those people places and things i care most about. Hopefully it helped somewhat somehow. It helped me for sure.

3. I went on a shopping trip and did not buy anything!

ok, morning jazz hour calls. Time to get some zzzzzzs

Christina Osheim