I wish there was a demon emoji. Devil horns or something as my post from yesterday didnt post and it makes me mad. But. I dont and todays theme is kindness which ive sort of held to.

Right now Im feeling reqdy to read and sleep. My feet feel really tingly today. Kind of like they want to tingle their way into aomething. Or more so the tonfling is centered in the middle of my upper pad. Top part of the arxh that is connected to the balls of yoir feet. Anyway, its tingling and throbbing there quite noticeably. I really want it to turn intosome sort of a beat or pattern. Different throb speeds for different moods or emitions. I sometimes tru to use it for a meditation focus, but its not qiote stable enouhh. Who knows. Its weird.  I sometimes wonder if it could be like teething. That as nerves repair themselves they are causing pain and swelling. That is what is happening in my dream reality.

apeaking of dreams/fantasies. I now have a cinderella bucket at my studio. Sincw im working in clay and clay is messy daily, hourly, regular cleanip has to happen. Especially when i have students. They will have to sponge wash the floor around whete they were working to keep it clean and possinle. So i have a white small 1 gallon bucket with a spomgw in kt that will be for cleaning the floor. A la cinderella.  So i was cinderelly for a bit today. But its cool working. I can figure out how i can make the space work for me and my needs.

okkkkk. 6am jazz hands await.

Christina Osheim