oh gosh. Today white supremacists have come into my city and are trying to incite violence to prove that white lives matter.

so many thoughts and sadness. I am getting out of town to see a good friend and her kiddos. Which should be fun. 

All lives matter. Race ethnicity gender all matter. We are given talents and the challenge to use them to help the world in its entirety better. To help someone and through that help ourselves be what we can be. It is scary. It involves asking questions that are uncomfortable, challenging preconceptions, not fully understanding at times and taking a hard look at our own values and ethics.  

This is the challenge we are given: this is your life and you have tools to engage and grow and help. You also have the choice to not grow and to not challenge yourself and create divides that separate and divide people. Us vs them, wrong vs right. 

My hope is that is that my personal mantra of love and healing permeates the world on all sides. That someone yelling "white livea matters" sees something that makes them think another adjective than white can and does apply. And for those trying to state firmly that all lives matter try to not to go to the extreme that all who are shluting white lives are inherently awful. We must be able to find compromise and some form of compassion.

I hope that there is safety here in town and anywhere else in the world where communities are divided.

Christina Osheim