Now im just pissed my yesterday post

didnt publish. Aaarg! 


Well shit. Ive got nothing now other than ive worked a bunch, am making some serious headway w aa work and am cursing the fact that white supremacists are taking a stand in cville tomorrow. 

Cville is such a strange town. A guy i had an awkward date with a few years ago just walked into the coffee shop Im in. 

Also, emmy lou harris is amazing. Wrecking ball is an album that makes my soul happy. 

Also squared, I am thinking about Karen a lot. I never have stopped thinking about her but of late she seems so near. I miss her so much. As I rebuild, or build myself I am working and praying to have a good dose of her in the mortar that holds me together as I venture out into the world as a sober lady. 

ok, step work calls. Dc tomorrow! I get to see a good friend and hang with her kiddos. FUN!!! 

Christina Osheim