Bedime blogging

IRC baby!  

IRC baby!  

Is the new black. Especially because it can be done in the dark. A moment to summarize some part thought action of the day.  

My lease is signed sealed and delivered!!! Wow!  

I worked with the IRC being a beer wench and raising money for a van to assist refugees. Yay!  

I work thr market tomorrow. Woooooooo! Accidentally typed a k. Kinda like that "wooooooook" the wookies version of "yo, wassup bro?" 

I heard a joke. There was a lady who farted all the time. Couldnt help it. Grocery store, hair salon, church, kitchen, everywhere she'd toot. It was her calling card. She'd never apologize and say in a convivial tone "at least they dont smell!" This lady went to her doctor to see if anything could be done about her chronic flatulence. The doctor checked her out and said to her: "Well, I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is we cant sfop you from farting. The goos news is we can fix your nose." 


Christina Osheim