As a sober lady I am trying to live in the grays. And doing surprisingly well. Sort of. Sometimes. On a blue moon at the witching hour when i see nymphs plucking dandelions and brewing tea from the leaves. 

I am getting better. Or rather better at recognizing when I near an extreme and doing what I have to not push it to the nth. Clearly, my imagination can go on an epic journey with a random word or thought. (I had to hold back virgin nymphs, olive trees, a reference to ares diana or a satyr... im a nerd.) 

anyway. I am so excited and so scares simultaneously. Stuff that is on the horizon and new steps this lady will soon be making. And i guess I am in the middle as I both want to shout with joy and vomit. And nothing has really happened as yet other than i have taken a few teensy weensy steps. So! Back to aetelier absurditie and my little porcelain babes. 


Christina Osheim