Alas, alack

the road to hell is paved with good intentions and I am now wonder woman.

I like to think I have a gray cell or two I can get to talk to each other and come up with some good ideas. But... the problem is there are a oesky few who dont like to listen.

I said I have decided to be meeee and not try to be what i think others want me to be. To go after what I need to function and not focus on what i want if it is at war with what i need.

well..... oops?!? i craved naps yesterday for a reason. I need sleep. I have been burning the candle too far on both ends and not taking care of those poor confused gray cells. Poirot would be so disappointed in me. So I have set a new guideline, heading home at 9:30 and being in pajamas in bed by 10pm. It is now 9:46 and I am lying happily in bed ready dor dreamland.


Today was great. One if the best days Ive had in a while. I got to read Norwegian at church, have two of my favorite identical twin girls use me as a jungle gym, went to a really good meeting, and went to a park and swam in a lake, had good conversation, basked in the sun, started planning the Philly trip and embraced life. And life embraced me back.  

I learned that it is ok to stumble. To not be wonder woman. To err. If you try to learn from your mistakes. I will probably tire myself to the point of lunacy again. But I will work to not do it this way. To try to shift my patterns and habits into good wholesome healthy ones. And if doing that gives me days like today I am sold on this path! 

Christina Osheim