Ch-ch-ch-changes (thanks Bowie)

Today's blog will be short. A relationship has ended. It was important and will stay important. I am saddened by this but am so glad it happened. It's funny, or perhaps not funny, how much you learn about yourself frol new situations and new people in your life. What I will end on is I am so happy that this parting of ways has happened with care and respect on both sides and some spectacular adventures along the way. 

I have also learned how important my journey as a sober lady is. And how committed I am to it. And most especially!!!! How LUCKY 🍀 I am to have so many wonderful friends and family in my life. Hearts all around! 

So niw time to enter into a new land, a wonderfully surreal one called... Twin Peaks! My dear ex boyfriend, if you are reading this, I am so glad we were together for the time we were. Sister in law, if you are reading this, never fear direct shout outs will continue to happen! Although who knows when?!? Off to Lynch Land. 


Christina Osheim