1 year ago almost

*this was a draft I wrote June 1 2017 but seems to still apply. Better than what my post today would be. Fun with kids. Tulips. Clay! Great brutish baking show” Tomorrow I’m off to DC for my first pop up!*


i  am getting work done. And it is good work. But man it takes a lot of time. Im blogging now as I just need a break from it! Or a nap!  I have been enjoying life and so this work does make sense. I am beginning to really see myself. Thats such a funny thing to say. I am seeing myself. Really seeing myself. So that mirror is just reflecting a 3d image the aliens decided to play on earth for a while. I am the marionette doll and the reality is?!?!? The strings Im attached to? Or that I am wired to have an onstagram or snapchat filter that I distort my face with. A twisty mirror at the circus fair. A lady gaga in real life with a push up bacon bra. 

But it is true, I do see patterns. And my own involvement in them be theg good bad or ugly. It is humbling. And that is where I start to see myself. A multidimensional, complex lady with faults and with qualities. Aka, a human. 

Christina Osheim