I have written about how I am trying to live my sober life viewing life as a number of adventures. Going to the grocery store, doing your laundry, cleaning your house, all of these mundane tasks can become adventures when viewed through a specific lens or one is looking for specific detail.

Well, I am off on a grand new adventure. Although a part of me cringes at using descriptive words before it has begun. Am I building myself up for an expectation of a specific type of experience? Am I counting the chickens before they hatch? But I love the drama of how it sounds. So I will report later on whether I have been wrong in using this descriptive phrase.

I am going on my first hiking/camping trip ever! EVER! What, you say?!? It is true. The last camping I did was car camping with girl scouts. Neither troop leader, my mom was one of them, really liked the idea of camping and so I don't feel like it counts. I am excited. I have a feeling I need to do something like this. To quiet myself or try to quiet myself as everything seems to be going ahead at warp speed. So yesterday I got my backpack packed, did a practice set up of the tent, went shopping for camping food (I was annoyingly indecisive I am afraid to say) and am now ready to get my boots on and see what views and vistas appear.

I then celebrated by meeting a friend for ice cream at chaps. I left my indecisiveness behind and readily settled on rasberry and coffee and a second scoop of chocolate. YUUUUUM! So it is now 6:15. I ahve today's blog done for today before I head off onto my mad adventure and best yet.... It is my dad's birthday! Happy birthday, poppa! Or gratulerer med dagen. I get to sip some coffee with him and work on a birthday crossword. Life is pretty darn fun sometimes!


Christina Osheim