DC baby!


What is the difference between rules and parameters. They are so so so similar, but the context of just the word and how it feels in the mouth are so different. Rules has a harder sound, a hard U perhaps. I am so bad at remembering coffectly all of the pronunciation rules/words. Paramaters seems rounder and softer. Malleable. Claylike. 

I really dislike rules. I immediately want to break or bend and question them. Why??? Why? Sp many seem inane to me. And there is always an exception. 

That makes it sound like I was a bad kid, a rule breaker and I wasnt. Or dont think I was/am. I did fight and question them. Like a woodpecker. How annoying when I think about it.

But I really like parameters. Or assignments, commissions, edges. They are something to work within. To bend, reform, push, adapt, question and make individual. Parameters are not black and white. There is no requirement for degree. 


I write all of this as something in my life has changed. There is a new parameter to define, I am in a reletionship. I am a girlfriend and have a boyfriend. Like the words rules and parameters I am feeling them around in my mouth and mind and core. I am testing the sounds. I at once feel calmer now that these are words we are applying to each other. Intentional and intended labels: girlfriend boyfriend. And I am glad. But it also seems alien. It is strange. Not bad strange just strange as in different. I wondet how or what we he i will create. Its also strange in that it is my first sober relationship. And that is enough. Im sure I would be told that I am over thinking and All I need to say its it's new. 

So I am here in DC hoping to sell some clay and make some connections. Listening to reggae, drawing, and wearing a panagea tank and staying with a really good friend tonight. Fun!


Christina Osheim