Fun Day, Art Day, Clay Day, Hey Day!

Dear me,

You at some points are funny. Or view the world through a lens of humor and wit and bad puns. But of late you have been so reflective and thoughtful and perhaps burying your funny self in all of these incredibly intense and important and intellectually profound pathos. Where have all the bad jokes gone? Is there some moratorium in the land of wit that you, the grim humor, Plato's fifth and often forgotten element, has carted across the Styx while listening to Styx?

If so, bring it back!!! My pathos are becoming pathetic and not profound and stifling instead of scintillating. 

Anyway, I have been thinking and writing a lot and still am. But I am making an attempt to keep it simple stupid. As I have been told many times I do overthink and obsess. So, I am starting new things to keep my little gray cells occupied. Healthy things to obsess about. And that, my dear friends, is called art. What you ask? Art? Why yes indeedy, ART! Huzzah! I haven't made any of my sculptural work from start to finish since I have been sober. It has been almost 2 years since my hands and mind have gotten dirty. Finishing that piece and naming it "blue fly on the wall" reminded me of how much I love my art. My installations. Making is great and if I can work it so that my livelihood is made through making and teaching that is fantastic. Beyond fantastic. But I need to make room for the sculptor, the artist, in there. So I started a piece. I pulled out my earthenware, sketched up a drawing. Could see it. Could picture it pulling and pushing it's 3-d form out into the world. Becoming a hub or nexus of my next show which I intend to call "the postman always rings twice." It is happening. It IS happening. I am making. I am an artist again, but a sober one with salient skills and solutions to scientific, surreal, and speculative surmises about the world and how, we or I, exist in it.


Talk about a high. Talk about a healthy high! So I am working to stay centered and not get too off the middle road or way and get lost in the clouds of creation. I am going to meetings almost daily, I am writing, I am working on the steps, and best yet I am being me and not hiding. Even when I make myself uncomfortable,. So world, expect many more dabs into questionable humor in future posts to come.

Christina Osheim