Sunday Suppositions

I wonder if I was a hobbit in a past life? I have a puppy niece named hobbit, perhaps hobbitness runs in the family. "Oh, that was great-great-great frandtather Nils Liv, the cod whisperer. He could coax cod out of the steepest fjords and was reknown for his ability to tie knots with his toes. You'd think the fuzz on his feet would make it difficult, but he had the nimblest toes in 5 clans."


Man, I wish that were true! Perhaps in some alternate 'verse it is. Thr point of this fantasy is I love to walk barefoot. That is one of my favorite things about warm weather I can skip shoes while at home. The pads of my feet are weathered calloused soles that aren't bothered by pavement, dirt, small twigs, and can even handle rocks albeit with caution.

Ive decided that I want a bunad, traditional Norwegian dress. I think my life is calling for one. Please, bunad me? Pretty please? With a kransekake on the side? I also need to try to up my language game and make a serious effort to get better på norsk. It could be as simple as 2 hours bi monthly. Perhaps this all seems silly, but It is not. As my country of birth is going mad I need to embrace my Norwegian roots, the stubborness of the fisher, farmer, cheesemaker the peasant we can survive and have a full and rich life in the process.


i really wish I knew my Grandma Nelson, who died before I was old enough to have any memories of her. I think I take after her very, very much and just wish I had known her. I hear that she was a riot, but think she was a often lonely woman. Perhaps (ha, perhaps?!!!?).  That is me projecting on her. And I need to watch that so I dont over-romanticize the melancholy I feel. But I do think that she had an interior life that both terrified and elated her. Goodness, extremes! Stupid extremes that Inam trying to limit in my life.


So it is now 6:30am. I wrote yesterdays blog about an hour ago. Whoops! And am currently sitting barefoot in the kitchen drinking coffee and listening to the chorus of birds. I think I just heard the thud of the paper and will pad my calloused hobbit feet out and begin the days adventures! 

Christina Osheim