I did three loads of laundry today. Score 1 or rather 3 for me!


Today s gorgeous. It is warm and sunny and brisk. It feels so so so good to be outside. In an ideal world I would have gone on a long hike. a nice 5-10 miler to use these little jazzercise muscles. Instead I have worked in various ways and am currently sitting inside a beautiful light airy coffee shop watching the wind blow flags, umbrellas, hair, ideas, and joy around outside. We are creatures of patterns, often in very good ways and sometimes in not so good ones. But in a good way I am showing just how true that is. Mudhouse has become a haunt again. And the downtown mall. The cool thing is how it seems to stay so the same but changes yet. I am sitting in my favorite spot and looking up see interesting art, but not the art I have gotten used to and while I am so excited to see these new faces, I also really miss the stunning work that was in here before. To have a talent like that is a gift. The interesting thing was it (last painting here) was done in such a way that I always did a double take. It was brilliant. Every time I still reflexively turned. Deja vu. I still am doing that. What? Where? Huh? It's gone now. But I will enjoy the new work. What is the girl scout song "make new friends but keep the old. one is silver and the other gold." appropriate I think.


I'm not quite back to me yet. I still feel like a top wound up, ready to spring forth and spin and spin and spin and spin. I am a ball, or human body, of potential action itching to become kinetic in some way shape or form. I wonder if this has made me not as observant. So often the humor I find in life are from the little small insignificant and ridiculous things I stumble across or rephrase in a way I snort. I haven't snorted enough. Or had one of those good laughs that ends up with me doubled over crying with aching abs. But you can't force that. It'll sneak up on me someday and I'll be howling like a hyena. 

I was talking to a friend last night about global thinking versus local thinking and how I am working to focus locally more. That is perhaps where I am having trouble. I have a list of things that I need to do all equally important. And I am too indecisive to choose. There is plenty of work to keep me busy regardless, but I need to move forward backwards up or down and not spin like that poor little top. Eventually it stops and has gone nowhere. 

But, a few hours later, it's dusk outside I have finished 3 sketches and need to ink them, am eating a cold piece of frozen pizza, sipping some tonic water and chatting with my dad. Cool. 


Christina Osheim