Bingo Baby!


Last night I could picture myself as an older lady. Hair of some color?!? A hall of some sort. A row of bingo cards and two stamp pens. Yes, I'd be double fisting it bingo style. It was so much fun! I think my friend thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to go to that instead of our normal gin rummy escapade. But he went along with it. And it was BRILLIANT!!! Oh man, good space, good cause (charity for cystic fibrosis research) And I won. A lot. A whole heck of a lot. Thank goodness he already knows I am a bad winner - I inherited it from my mom, I cannot help it. Or rather, my genes make it an inherited quality that I choose not to quell- and my eyes gleamed with a demonic pleasure at racking in the prizes! 


Better yet, Andrew and another friend joined the bingo bonanza! It is the first time here in Charlottesville that I have meshed up friends of mine, all from different places. It reminds me of my first party in Philly when I did that. Just sent an email to everyone I was buddies with to come and be jubilant. I was so worried people would not like each other or it would turn into an awkward middle school dance. But it was great. People had fun. The majority of us ended out on the front stoop drinking and smoking, neither which I do now. I wonder how my first party as a sober lady will be. I have a feeling it will be fun, just what it will be or when it will be I have no clue.

The brilliant thing of a melding of mates is that I had a chance to throw out an idea I have had lurking in the back of my mind. I have started to meet some really cool people in Charlotteaville all with a passion for art. All in the 30 +/- range and all feeling a bit isolated. Which is not surprising as we are all introverts who fake being extroverted. I proposed an art drawing/hang out/crit group. An informal one. And my friends dug the idea! Two of the three are artists and I would say Andrew is an artist, but with soil, not photography, paintbrushes, clay, pencils etc. So sweet!


And now it is 8:36 on a Tuesday morning, I have been to jazzercise, a meeting, written my blog, have a crossword waiting, the carafe of nitro coffee I won at bingo to pour, some glazing to do OUTSIDE!!! (it's beautiful) and a farmers market to attend. Hurrah for happy busy creative lives! Oh, and best yet!!! My aunt Mary and uncle Art are coming to stay tonight. I haven't seen them in a while, I cannot wait. Hurra for alle sammen!

Christina Osheim