Mornings baby!

Maybe I was wrong when i said early morning blogs where a thing of the past and nighttime lunacy was here to stay. And the answer is.... have an idea? any clue? what could switch my schedule from morning statements to evening half asleep gurgles???? What have I not mentioned? Got it? Knew ya would! Jazzercise!

I took last week off to try and get back much needed sleep and get whatever was lurking in my sinuses out of my system. So I didn't jazz. But as of today this lady is shaking her 6am booty. And it was like seeing old friends after a vacation. I love how you get to know people just by being around them for x number of hours a week. We may not text, chat, go grab coffee outside of class, but we do get to know each other. It's great. I am so thankful to have jazzercise in my life.

I mentioned the counter protest last night to a lady I have come to know who is rarely at the 6am class. She hadn't been aware of it and would have liked to have been. We talked about just how sickening things have been in the country and the shock that more is not being done to get 45 out of office and try and put this derailing train back on track. On a more inclusive track, more loving and accepting track. I could see that my friend was disheartened. I could sense that in this regard her usually cheerful and fun (I want to be like her when I get older!) spirit was lagging. So I told her that I try to do what i can to spread the message of love. I wear a lot of shirts, but I try to make them inclusive positive messages. And I am trying to fight as best i can to make my voice heard. I bring up all up because I saw out of the corner of my eye another lady listening intently to what we were talking about. And when I mentioned spreading ideas of love and inclusiveness nodding. But driving home I started to realize that it is already happening; people are beginning to get scared to make statements that could be held against them. Or put a star on their jacket. And perhaps that is over dramatic, but I can feel a shift and see a look of fear in eyes. 

I stopped by to say hi to Andrew last night and was telling him I had been interviewed by the news (and apparently was on it! ha, cool. who'd'a thunk?). They asked if I would be and I said sure, where a few years ago I would have shied away and been too embarrassed. I told him that I didn't care and he called me out on it, rightfully so. And I clarified: I don't cafe if I look fat, sound jittery or nervous, or am sweating, deer in headlights, or stammering or have snot dripping down my nose. If I can say something about love and tolerance and it can be heard I will. And if that puts me on a list I don't care. I figure as an artist, feminist, strong, Norwegian American female I would most likely be on it anyway. So I will say what I can and listen and be present. I will try to be the change I feel we need. And I am so far from perfect in so many ways, but I do have a voice and ideas and love and I will try to use all of them to make the world a better place. Perhaps this is naive and idealistic, but it is me and I would not and will not changer it.

So, not yet 8am and exercise & daily blog ticked off the list! Next up coffee, crosswords and a day of work followed by charity bingo!!! FUN! So, Ha det bra vennen min! 

Christina Osheim