SRurdays sleepys.

Oh my poor blog. I have been a negligent note taker, tale teller, yarn spinner (although I was in a yarn store earlier and could have spun some... apparently there had been a lamb in their earlier that I missed. Darn!) The problem with being busy is well you get busy.  And what is that saying about that road? Paved with what? Early morning posts are apparently a lark of the past and nocturnal notings or nothings have staked their territory . Funny how one simple consonant changes the meaning.

But perhaps that is a prod on what i should muse about tonight. (Just call me Cleo or Erato): the importance of detail. 

I had a busy day, including my interview for a studio spot/opportunity. I was honest. And i know there is the saying honest to a fault, but my goal is to prove that wrong. There are a lot of details involved that could make this uber pedantic to try to explain, so totry to summarize it I was honest about what my ultimate goal is, the questions related needing to not work in clay of I get this opportunity and what would my goal of doing a year drawing be. What are you trying to do and explore? What is your endgame for thks? And if my goal is to umtimately be a full time member is this an appropriate fit as it is intended for those who are starting out as a place to find mentors and get a hand stepping into the art world? So very much a question of fit. I think it went quite well and yet I dont know if it will happen. It may or it may not. And i will be fine either way. 

Going into this I have been thinking lot about my drawings. Attempting to parse them and find out ehat they are saying. I dont have a name for them, mind maps is ehat I am closest to. But woth these incredibly anal retentive drawings HOW do they relate to my clay. So i have thought.  


And thought. 


and a bit more. 


thinkity thinkity thought








And I realized that with my drawings I make them not work. I push them out of "working" and pull them back in.  I find that edge between works and off-key or pleasure and pain or confusion and sanity. 

THAT is  the ljnk.

theres a lot more, but its 11:40 and i am tired. So not reading this over. Hope it makes sense. Sorry bout the typos and my crap tastic grammar and attrocious punctuation.


some of todays pics! 

Christina Osheim