Weekend recap

Im trying something new. Or newish. Sort of. What happens when I blog for the day AFTER mh 6am jazzercise and nit right before bed as I normally do? I cant use the excuse that im to tired as my blood has clearly, or rather clearly to me as I sill look like a sick red raccoon, been pumping for the past hour. 

im still still stunned by this weekend. In a good way. I have started thinking about Möbius Keramikk as its own living being with me just the partner in crime. It feels bizarre to write that. As if someone will look at me as if I have some serious mental problems and say "but that [möbius keramikk] is you." 

And it is I guess, but more so I feel I am the initiator. I put some ideas on the board, set up some meet and greets, dealt with temper tantrums, etc. but that the work is doing the work and i am helping guide it, ideally, into a productive and mature adulthood. 

Maybe I am a lunatic. That makes me think of a Klee bronze bird sculpture in the Hirshhorn sculpture garden. I glanced at the title "Lunar Bird" and read "lunatic bird," which I loved!

My guess is that me thinkjng aboutmy  company in this manner is a way to compartmentalze. If I thinj of what challenge is in front of me and focus on that and do it well I can then move onto the next. If I think too globally it starts to feel like a tsunami. 

So backtracking to the beginning: I am still stunned by this weekend. I had no clue what would happen going to this sale. I could imagine an apocalypse or being run out by a mob or being the craft show equivalent of the last kid picked for the kickball team. In essense I could picture anything and everything horrible happening. What jt actually was is ok. I sold more than the booth rental cost. I got an idea of the demographic my work really is aimed for and how I can alter my work/set up in a way to make it more inclusive to a demographic different than my ideal.  i had two friends come and cheer me through the adventure, making sure I didn't turn into a lemur and run off the cliff. The fair as an enclosed experience was fine. I can do sales like this and set up and take down wothout breaking my back. It was a lovely shade of gray and  neither exteme.

Except for what may come out of it. That is where I am still stunned. The owner of the Belle Grove Plantation b&b, James Madisons birthplace, is commissioning me to do muga and tea cups for exclusive sales. This came out of her seeing my booth Saturday morning!!!

I ended up staying at Belle Grove Saturday evening, was given a wonderful tour, and free reign if the house and delicious breakfast the next morning. It was stunning. Historically accurate AND approachable. And it hust happened out of the blue. I have started sketches for the mugs/cups and will throw later today to get this ball, or wheel, moving. But this is what I mean when I have started to think of Möbius K as its own entity and me just the passenger or jack of all trades behind it. If I start thinking of what and where this could propell MK I get poleaxed in a way. Stunned to the point of petrified wood. It could be a break or the break for this business and so early on! My imagination can ruuuuuuun so far into the distance with angels wearing nimbuses of sunlight blowing trumpets in the air etc. 

And that is too much for me. For Möbius I hope it does go there. For me this is a job that requirea focus, determination as the schedule is on the tighter side, and a set of cup options to choose from in the next 2.5 weeks. MK can go disco til dawn and revel in this amazing opportunity. Christina Osheim will get over being stunned, have a cup of coffee, do a crossword puzzle, finish getting all the show stuff put away and get to town with swirl girl and let the wheel and porcelain have their say in this next adventure! 

Christina Osheim