Tuesday Titilations

I can regurgitate the same shit about being tired, working hard, blah blah blah. All true, check. Sleeping, check. Getting back to myself, sorta-check. (on the way).

So for today's blog I am giving myself an assignment to explore. Let's pick...hmmm... Hmmm...  GRRRR... Hmmm....

Gin Rummy, chicken soup, easter eggs, bad romance novels, gas, spirit animals & alter egos. 

Google Search's top result:


Really cool! http://www.williamtyler.net/ 


Oh man, I am smitten, charmed, enchanted, WOW! This has really helped somehow. It has transported me to a thoughtful and happy place. Beauty has so many facets and feeling them is a multi sensory experience. I really, really dig this and need to find more music by this artist. hearts all around. Google, what do you have to give me next?


Joni's Express I like you. Just a quick search but it's got rabbits (personal favorite animal and spirit guide. Slow Poke Nelson has found his utopia and an eggcelent mate.  

I've named her Humpty Dumptra, but am changing it to Humptra Dumptress. Her eyes. She's a temptress. I see some feist in them. Google, you are kicking tail. (har har) let's see what's next

There is a time and a place for everything...

Nail on the head! (hee hee) http://covers.unclewaltersrants.com/2014/12/spirit-of-the-mountain-fela-dawson-scott.html

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Yup. Very accurate truism in this case. 

I must also give an homage

The top 3 google hits are so right on! Next UP pictures. It/they/Google only have 14 & 1 conjunction to deal with as shopping was too confused: 


And you know, the top 3 pics dissapointed me a bit. You can check them out here:


My favorite:

Videos were a no go as well as news.


I am surprised that gin rummy was a no show. There is plenty of manna for data mining there. 

And not so random words, but yesterdays key words combined can make me laugh and find new connections or images I hadn't considered.

A friend and I were talking about a club called the Uke's - a Stever Urkell Obsession Club and I found that so fascinating. I want to attend, kind of like attending a furry convention and being fly on the wall. But that it would have to be done with full disclosure that it was research based and not just making a mockery of someones fetishes or kinky habits. It couldn't be cruel or done in a cruel manner. It has made me wonder what idiosyncratic habits I have that I don't even notice as they have just been adopted into my life. Babysitting I have noticed I say awesome a lot. I feel like it must be something like always going into the same toilet stall just because. Or like my friend in DC and I were talking with dog parks or other group activities, you have your own spot. I know in Jazzercise I shouldn't dance in this area as it's Suzy's preferred. And that corner over there, Stella has claimed that one... Who knows?!? 

But it's a nice Tuesday, I've already accomplished a good number of things and been able to watch a bit of the price is right and lets make a deal in the process. 

Remember to get your pets spayed and neutered! 


Christina Osheim