Just because. I ❤️tulips.  

Just because. I ❤️tulips.  

Last nights blog wasn't an afterthought as I had been thinking about chasing the sun being included since 6am yesterday. But as I was tired and in a bit of a rush I did skip out on some glorious tidbits.

 I took care of a friends son and man, that kid is awesome! We had a blast. I reported earlier on building forts with him and we continued the tradition. We walked to the park and the large one had collapsed, a small one we added a bit to was still up and the tiny one we build ground up (ha) was still standing proudly. So my friend was the director and I was the laborer. (Aka we made the small one larger and I carried the large branches that were a bit too big for my buddy and put them in place. It was so funny as last time I hooked my water bottle on a tree and he said as we were walking into the woods smething like "you can hang your water bottle there" Pointing to a small tree branch.) It was so much fun that I had to remind myself after that I did actually work for a few hours as it didn't seem like it. (work). Which I am loving by the way, the working a ton but having so much fun I have to pinch myself, or punch myself, to remember. This being said deadlines are fast approaching and I will soon be in a pretty busy work work work mode for a while. NOT chicken with its head cut off mode, but this has to be done by X time and that is non-negotiable. 


My buddy also took over my camera phone and became a photographer for a while. It has been really interesting seeing how a small 3 or 4 year old perceives the world through a lens. So I've included some shots/videos. I'd ask for my phone back and he'd say "in a minute, I just need to take a few more pictures." Ok. That's cool. 


I also unpacked all of my work and am repacking it and making sure everything is set to go. I am making a pile of pieces to re-fire and have been tying to figure out a clean and simple logic for set up and display. I do lean towards curating as in an art gallery, no big surprise there, and creating loaded/semi tense relationships between objects that I find really interesting. I have to say "Christina, you make this stuff, the way you handle the work is very casual and intimate because you have an innate sense of what and how it CAN be handled. Others are not so comfortable and they have the "you break it you buy it" mentality stuck in their head. (I have not had anyone break anything and will have to cross that bridge someday I suppose but have not planned for it which is silly as I do want people to feel comfortable free to pick up pieces and get to know them) So Christina, do not turn off your curatorial sensibilities but guide them into an open creative and not aggressively, even intellectually intimidating space."

I also went and helped to draw signs for Together Cville's dogwood parade march. It was a gorgeous day and fun to be out in Crozet for it. I have really only ever been to that park for the Crozet Craft Fairs. Really cool place to go and do work at. There were art supplies, tin cans being transformed into drums, sharpies, ribbon, silver laminate, food, wine, and bonhomie! I brought a 10 year old can of spray adhesive that I have used a bunch, but got it at RISD I think. Poor can had lived an adventurous life and was pooped. As in It sprayed sticky goo all over my hands and waking up this morning looking at my arm I wondered if I had become a leper. Or some sort of sick cheetah. 


But I have taken more time than I should as it is entering the this needs to be done NOW if not 10 minutes ago phase. Especially since I realized pollen has started falling and I really just leave my EZ tent up because I glaze under it and need to think of washing it... Oh duck. I should have thought about that last week.  *sigh*

Ha det bra til i morgen!

Christina Osheim