Chasing the Sun


First jazz song of the day (Chasing the Sun(. It seemed so fitting in many a way. As it kind of woke me up a bit and though it could be my motto.

think about it. I love the sun, cannot ever have enough vitamin d and am going after my dreams! Who orbits what? Or is it whom? My poor mom with her grammar challenged daughter. At 6 something jn the morning this seemed brilliant. And still kind of does if im honest. But I started thinking of Icarus. and getting to close, i.e. being too good of a sun chaser, that his wings melted and he perished to his doom.

aka, chase the sun but wear sunscreen. Im trying so hard to do that right now. With upcoming shows etc my instinct is to emulate a chicken with its head cut off. Can it maybe be done? If ao I must!!!! Eeeeeek! I pulled out my large lynchpin piece for my thesis show the last day of inatall at the museum. Good lord talk about a tight rope or walking on the knifes edge. So im trying to get a nice golden color and breathe and have fun and stay relaxed.

i have had so much fun today that I may be lazy and not chase the jazzersun tomorrow! Night all!

Christina Osheim