Can I get this tattooed on me? Maybe I am a tattoo embodiment of this? Hmmm...?!? 

Can I get this tattooed on me? Maybe I am a tattoo embodiment of this? Hmmm...?!? 

Can I just make that (OMG OMG...) my blog for today? Please....? Puh-leeze? Pretty pretty pretty please with not just a cherry but the whole darn maraschino cherry industry on top?

I had a revelation(s) today. Or rather thought a few thoughts and went A-HA! What a dolt I am to not have realized that before. You knew this stuff and were just too dense to realize it... (Aka, it was like every day when you think about it... which clearly I never do (think)...) (And now my parentheses are getting confused by other parentheses inside. They scream at me "USE THE CHICAGO MANUAL OF STYLE YOU GRAMMAR DEFICIENT MORON OF THE ENGLISH CANNOT BE YOUR NATIVE LANGUAGE VARIETY...) 

And good old deflection, I just used you again. Ok, cream of the crop here I come. I have been feeling bad for a while that I have not been staying on top of my steps or AA work. I have felt that to do it it must be work. And I equate work with all of the jobs I have had and disliked for a myriad of reasons. Did they lead me to drink, no probably not, but they definitely helped me to fund it. I started this blog about the same time as I got a sponsor and joined a home group. I can draw and do draw almost daily in sketchbooks I carry around, but never have been able to "journal" in a hand written one. This blog was started as a social experiment. Partly to see if I had the gumption to keep it up. Partly to see if the Julie & Julia internet sensation followed by millions celebrity would occur. It has not, I am shocked to report, and as a fun way for me to write all of the things I think and bad jokes I often make but keep locked away in the vault of my cracked head. (har har) I enjoy doing this snd look forward to it. I spend my day wondering what I will craft the days entry about and get sad if some glorious fodder gets skipped because other even smellier manure is available. But really, this is a part of my treatment and my recovery. I do it daily, I am thankful for it, it is work in a way, but I love it. That was my aha moment. This is work, but like Möbius K., I get pleasure out of it even when I am lying in bed so tired that I can barely type out even a sleep slurred hola amigos or ha det bra. And now, how I am dense not to have realized it. But maybe I had to psych myself into pretending it was something other than what it is. A way to remind myself that there millions of facets in life, some good, some bad, and some ugly. To recenter and refocus and laugh at myself as I venture through them all. That fun and work don't have to exclude each other. That the pope is catholic! (WHAT????!!!!!) That as I venture forth as a sober woman I am becoming more. And more of everything, the good the bad and the ugly. 

I also am taking the time to get my website up and working as I want it to be. This blog has helped me to script it in a natural, me, fun!!! way. So check it out my e-friends!!!


"Creativity is intelligence having fun" -A Einstein is a favorite if mine. This js also pure gold! 




The gin rummt referee


new pots! I started the dryer and they started dancing and making some pretty music! (And were subsequently removed to the kiln top to keep them from the fate of those poor lemurs) 

Christina Osheim