Oh Stevie....

Song in the Key of Awesomeness!

Song in the Key of Awesomeness!

And I'm back in the saddle! 6 am jazzercise, I'd say I missed you, but I really considered sleeping in/through my alarm. It was SOOOOO worth it though. (getting up and going). As I really give myself only enough time to make sure I am dressed, have keys I was so so so glad I was cognizant enough to a. see the awesomeness of the full moon this AM and b. not get into an accident or drive off the road as I was mesmerized (and did not have any form of identification...). It was stunning. The most spectacular full moon I think I have ever seen! And at 5:45am. Whoa. It was almost creepy with how large and fog encased it was. But it drew you in. You wanted to be orbiting its ether, imbibing it's awesomeness, or just finding lunar ecstasy through osmosis. Or in my case, good 'ol jazzercise. 

So week, you're looking like you'll be a pretty awesome one. Woke up to a gorgeous moon, Stevie Wonder visited jazzercise, and upon return home before the double C - coffee & crossword I find this gem looking for the Stevie Song I heard this morning. Superstition? if it is, i take you and embrace you! This jazzette will update you tomorrow on Monday machinations and Tuesday to-do's. Cheers, all! 

*20 minutes later update* My favorite coffee mug gained entry into my life and heart under false pretenses. "Too Hip To Hop" my ass. That bouncy bunny gets himself everywhere but where he should be! Loki the Ludicrous was not a ludicrous name after all ;)

Christina Osheim