I am not totally sure how to say what I want to say. I wish I had paid more attention to catch 22, mr macdonald, and the specifics of each of the three vus. Presca, deja, and jamais. I am going out on a limb and saying jamais vu is how i feel. Is this me? Is my body really here doing these things and finding adventures I never knew to even ask or think about? 

I am currently lying in a gorgeous bed at belle grove plantation, james madisons birthplace. *pinch•....*slap*...*sucker punch*...*personal reinterpretation of fight club*...  Yup. That hurt. Bruises may be forming.

Early on in the day a woman came and was asking me about sales, cup making, how much time, etc. it turns out she and her husband manage a bed and breakfast at belle grove and she's interested in 2017 exclusive mugs and teacups and if I was interested. Of course I am! So here I am, lying in a gorgeous bed at belle grove plantation, stunned..


Often I try to put a funny, semi dismissive spin on things or experience I feel unsure about. Its a reflexive action to deflect attention away from me and hide what I may actually be thinking. This is why I dont know what to write. I am gobsmacked.


And, there are ghosts here. Specifically a cat who I did hear padding around upstairs earlier. This is going to be an awesome adventure! Wow. Wow. Wow to the nth. I cannot wait to do this!  


Christina Osheim