One day, the sadness will end. 

One day, the sadness will end. 

The most interesting thing of venturing out on my own career wise is i become the choreographer. I have to work my ass of, but often that doesnt seem like work.


Aka, things are beginning to fall into place. It is so cool having places I go regularly and people who are getting to know me and my habits. I was sitting in a coffeeshop working- editing my photos and building my website and just started laughing out loud, possibly snorted more than once and did not care! I may also look like a crazy sequinsed bag lady stuffed with computer, ipad, sketchbook(s), kitchen sink, microwave, thermal reactor, pocket liners and a sock. Totally normal.


The most annoying thing is that I dont have a car anymore. Someone ran a red light and crashed into it last summer, totaling it. I used the oayment for paying off loans and have been borrowing wheels since. I am lucky that I can but need to gwt the clay moving out. Birthday faries, can.m you give me a non matchbox 100% paid for magic car that doesnotbreak down and loves art?


Nary a soul took ny challenge to creat a story of last Friday for me via pictures so I am making up a person and their story. 

Dear Ms. Christina, 

i found your pictures intriguing and reminded me of the experiments I oversaw in the 60s involving halucinogens. Please take this ofdering with my highest regard.

you awoke in a hazy darkness with small bits of light spattering the sky. Drool had congealed whike you slept an glued your eyelashes together on your left eye, so the image was dark and fuzzy.

Groping around you find the end of the bamboo playform you have been laid out on. A gong tolls and you begin to heqr a soft hum and then the deep resonant sounds of om. 

You close your eye (the other is still glued shut)   and begin to picture circles withib circles. This strange alGorithim that keeps looping back and getting both more comlicated and simplifies. The purities become impure and then are purified again woth the throb of the om vibrating in the air.

suddenly your system jolts. Its like youve been shocked or electrocuted.  but theb begin to feel the bead of water sliding between your breasts and the cotton fabric clinging to your stomach. Your lashes, now moistened, feee themselves and you glance up to see the midget dabcing in his red suit. your hair stand on end. The throbbing om in the background continues. The whole shock makes you feel like you have been zapped. You cant think. Where am I. What is happening?

With utmost respect,

Dr. James Adirondack Anderson, IV. M.D., Ph.D in medical oddities


anyway. Time for bed.  

Christina Osheim