Totes Ma Goats


Yesterday I was asked if I had any fun plans for the weekend. I shrugged, said no, and that some adventure would arise. And I was not wrong!!! The best type of adventure, the unplanned one.

A friend, a farm, the sun, good cheese, peacocks, furry pups and... drumroll... GOATS! And not just goats, BABY GOATS!!!!!!!!!!! *swoon*

It was a love fest. Such funny and friendly creatures. Watching them hop and frolick and leap all over each other. My friend and I sat on the ground near the magical chair. It was baby goat version of musical chairs!


We were blown away! We did not expect it to be as filled with joy as it was. After departing from our unexpected journey we were texting each other "GOATS!!!" "OMG" etc. and I have had a silly, stupid, lovely grin plastered over my face since.  


There were also peacocks, which were beautiful. Two males and one female. They let us get close and the males preened- i have never seen that  so far up close! I began to stalk one of the males when we were leaving. He and I had a stare down. Seriously! He had one of his avian feet clawing at the ground akin to a bull facing a matador. Matadora in this case? I think I won. Or we ended with a begrudged truce. So cool!!!


Now im eating a chocolate chip cookie, photoshoping work, looking into art and craft fairs and happy as a, well, baby goat.

 !!!!!!!!!! BABY GOATS!!!!!!!! 



Christina Osheim