GIN RUMMY!!! / by Christina Osheim

Wow! I try not to brag. To do something helpful or necessary and then point it out so people will be impressed and thank me.  But I am going to break that guideline tonight. 

I had a kick ass day. Jazzercise was jazzy and I was on point and it just flowed from there. It is now 10:17 and this is the last must do for today.  

I feel like Im starting to pull myself together and MK. And by that the good the bad and the ugly. Granny is being a goddess and the firings are sweet. I have overdraft now on my business account, a slew of chores done, have 2 more shows that I will be selling at, played gin rummy with a friend and won, reintroduced myself to an artist whose work I have enjoyed, glazed and am firing the good ol gran again and am now happily writing a run on sentence with horrific grammar! Sunshine and rainbows and bunny bliss.

The cool thing is that I do feel like Im pavloving myself. Im still nervous and start to panic a bit when I think too hard. But I remind myself to breathe, do what is in front of me and do it well. If that means not everything you want happens, fine. But what does will be top quality. No more chicken with its head cut off here.

Im off for tonight. Here is my gin rummy buddy and me at Mudhouse tonight! Its becoming a weekly ritual, which is awesome! 


Sometimes its a good idea to deal hands before trying to play 😜 

 Panda of pain and pestilence watches over, sharp and ready to take apendages. 

Panda of pain and pestilence watches over, sharp and ready to take apendages.