Swirling sensation!


This is one happy bunny. I have already set my 5:30am jazzercise alarms lest i fall asleep while blogging. What would that be called: bloggus interuptus?

Anyway, this weekend has been awesome. I have gotten to spend the time actually making and arting. O have a nice clay veneer. I hope that my epitaph will be "she was dirty," though I hope that day is many many a moon away.

it felt so good to throw. I give myself small challenges. But its interesting working on a combo of art and production. I still feel like all of my tumblers have their own personalities. I can tell who likes who and which two to seat at separate tables.

The kiln is firing. The work is looking good. Its lughter in a way. Im still fetting to know it. At times I go "bullseye" and at others I think "what is this mess??? Who am I trying to fool." My sneaking suspicion is it really lies somewhere in the gray zone. 

in 6 hours Im up for morning jazz hand routines and must enter dreamland. I did get to see bryan cranston at uva earlier today. I recorsed it as I am a nerd. Feel feee to listen! I also forgot I was recording ao theres a bit of jy friend and I chatting. Id share the recording but tired to figure out how. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighty night. Yaaaaaaaaaawn. Sleep well everyone.... 💤

Christina Osheim