I dont have a theme for today. Hmmm... time to make one up. Now I am reminded of hating when people say to me "youre creative and think outside the box." No, I am not creative. There is always, or more often than not, a logic behind the decision. A method to the madness. Give me a box a few perimeters and I will go to town. (Aka facebook came through for my next animal: female dr. Hedgehog w a stethoscope) i immediately named her hedwig and she is beginning to get her own prickly personality in my mind. Cannot wait! 

thats what i need for nights like tonight a lottery machine! Like the numbers powernall spits out only thiswould  be 2 nouns, 2 adjectives, 1 verb, 1 adverb and all you can eat conjunctions. I have it! "Boggle for Bloggers!" Seriously, I need to patent this. Clay schmlay! This is the money maker Ive been looking for. 😜

It really is a conundrum in a way. My day has been awesome! I have not come close to being bored but I dont feel like doing a recap. Other than granny is firing!!! Tomorrow I eill crack the geode and see if I have rare quartz or fools gold.

Maybe this is the thing that has been eating at me. I came out a few days ago on this blog. Addict/alcoholic. It was time. I realized that this is something my family and I have kept quiet. I am ok with that up to a point, but it had begun to feel like I was lying by omission. Anyway, I told my mom today that I had blogged I was an addict. She turned to me and aaid "you're not an addict, youre an alcoholic!" I had to explain that they are one and the same. And i guess what has been eating at the edge of my awesome day: that my being an addict is something that could emberass or bring shame to my loved ones. There is nothing I can do. No magic pill (ha!) to reverse this. 12 steps down is still my favorite bar name (and it is literally 12 steps down). All I can do is work to be the best me I can be. To have this silly, fun, and important blog to be the only rabbit hole I jump down. So thank you cyber buddies for jumping down this hole with me. If I ever handyou  a bottle tagged "drink me" it will only be a nice fizzy tonic water.

So now to follow my logic full course. Here is the fun part. I have a new lifetime box. It has perimeters. And i get to decide how they play together and how I can push them to create my own wonderland! Slow poke, Edward, Loki the Ludicrous, Hedwig, and all of the animals I collect for aetelier Absurditet's menagerie will explore and question and have one hell of a good time in the process. 

Ha de bra!  

Christina Osheim