Hump/jump day

Bloggity bloggity bloggggg.... earlier todah the cup floweth over and i was brimming with things to share. Now... I'm just happily tired in bed facing the tough question: will I set my alarm for 6am jazzercise?  

Arguments could be made for either side. Coukd? Have! Are!  I set it... so in 6.25 hours I Bernie boogie to jazzercise and get my exercise on!

3 pieces of info for today:

1.i watched a coffee master yesterday. It was like a bizarre emcee or dejay who is silent and hunched over his macbook. 

2.Male cat penises are spiky. This is because that will help them latch on to the females vaginal canal. Also, humans and dolphins are the onky 2 thoes of mammals that truly ebjiy sex.

3. I want to pierce ny noae again.  

Christina Osheim