Whoooah Nelly.


It is happening. Soon. Sooner than I had thought. Perhaps I mentally blocked it. But it is coming. It, like so many things of the past year I have not wanted to do. But did them, enjoyed them for the most part and have come through a better person (i hope). MÖBIUS KERAMIKK IS HAVING ITS COMING OUT BALL ON APRIL 1st!!!! WTF! I may not be ready for this but MK is and I am just the messenger or along for the ride.  

So. Take a deep breath. Deep breath, into the lower diaphram breath. Is my work solid. Yes. Have I had good reactions from people. Yes. Are there things I could improve. Yes. Am I improving them. Yes. Do I love what I do. Yes. Will I survive. Yes. Will I learn something. Yes. Will I make new friends even. Hopefully. Will I sell something. Dear lord I hope so. 

I may not make a ton of money or any money.  But I will be there and learn what I need to do to sell my work. I have plans. 

So now. I have taken a deep breath. I am a bit calmer. I have a list of things to do and will do them. And on the plus side the daily blog post will be crossed off said list! 

I will leave with a gem from yesterday that was deleted in the Watership Down of 2017. 



Rabbutins Reign of Terror

Christina Osheim