Sbutterfly is brilliant. Give you a really good $30 freebie deal. Wow!!! Awesome! i can make this book thatd be great for my business. But... the 20 free pages arent quiiiiiiite enough. To make it long enough to fulfill the desired purpose I have to sign away my first born child, hiccuping on Saturdays, cheddar bunnies, and my favorite pencil. But im doing it and think itll look good. *fingers crossed*


Im building a table. Or rather tables! I am making the selling space mine. Ha. Talk about a bizarre double entendre. It should be fun. I bought "artist tape" at michaels today for the price pf a small kingdom. (Watch it is the tables people want to buy and not my work! I will sell them, I guess, with the stipulation its after the season) 


i also had a whim and visited b&n... and found a gem!!! I will leave you with some seussian wisdom to welcome the vernal awakenings of spring!! Tomorrow! Spring!!!


A Whole Career Wrecked by Lack

This most difficult sonata ever written is Mozart's "B Duet for Kettledrum and Thrush." Even if the drummer is a genious, the thrush, who warbles the accompaniment, can spoil 

Christina Osheim