Saturday spins and swirls / by Christina Osheim


This bunny has been burrowing in her studio. I had an awesome day! Jazzercise, always a good way to start the day shaking ones booty and getting a workout, filing, meeting a friend for coffee. They have nitro coffee!!! It is awesome. It loons like a guiness and tastes creamy. I was so fascinated by it.

and then swirl girl and i had an afternoon. She took me for many a lovely spin. Il beginning to work on some new ahapes and expand my ideas a bit further. It becomes a game and we all know i enjoy games and challenges.

I went out with a friend and we had a rousing battle of ping pong in which I left the victor, sae another friend and had a kovefest with his pup Louise and am now thinking lamps. Lamps lamps clay lamps lamps. Im even kond of ok i have misplaced my bryan cranston tickets for tomorrow. Big bummer though as that would/will be awesome for those who can attend.


happy saturday folks! The vernal equinox is just around the corner. Today is the penultimate day of winter! Take that groundhog!