Ok webverse I am coming clean! My SSN is... (I started to write a fake one aaa-bb-cccc, but with 4-8-1 and couldnt take it that far...) Our SSN's probably are our nost privately held info. Well, me coming clean involvea me getting dirty. I live with my parents to start Möbius Keramikk from their basement. Super surreal in ways, but ideal in I have a little more flexibility to do it right and figure out what type of apace I will need when I do leave the nest. 

The cool thing is I set up rituals, like the morning crossword with my dad; they have a magic to them. And sometimes can be a surprise!!

Well... this morning Walking into the kitchen I heard mom inquire to either dad or me "want to watch some squirrels copulating?" And indeed there were two squirrels doing it on the big oak outside. Such a surreal start to the morning! And WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?????? So I had some if my morning coffee leaning over the sink next to my mom warching squirrels get nasty. 

it was a really good Monday! I got a lot done including cleaning my studoo pretty well. Now after working I need to scrub the floor again... but it felt good. I am almost ready to load another bisque. It just felt so good and cathartic to scrub and reorganize and then work. Porcelain is packed into my pores, Im finishing some greenware and each one is getting its own personality. I have missed this!!!!  


Christina Osheim