Lion tamer

34, im liking you. Can we keep ip this comeaderie for the next 363 days? A friend told me today that his grandfather Augustus was a cat tamer at a circus and would train lions from the wild to perform tricks such as sticking your head inside the lions mouth. How cool is that???

I am currently at my friends studio half asleep. We just came from court square tavern, this amazing bar/tavern here in cville.  think of an underground combo of the bates motel, the great northern, and the diner your grandparents go to. We watched the end of jeopardy and then ended up shooting the shit soing a compare and contrast of favorite twin peaks characters. The adult version of date marry kill. My fave is leland palmer his quirky fave is pete martell and all tjme Big Ed. We took agt. Cooper out of the running for obvious reasons. Sex hed go Shelley and Dr. Jacobi. Id go for Audrey Horne and Agent Andy Brennan. Best acting... undecided. Arguments coyld be made for many. All while having a really good meal. I found a counter hang out and work venie..

now listening to music hanging with his dog and just chilling. Until we both fell asleep. 


This is after a morning date with the library Makerbot. I am getting excited about some possible plans for table leg prints Möbius Keramikk can use for sales. Making ny sales booth into a chrates creative interactive space. Usong my own neuroses or insecurities as a possible selling point or atteaction.

and then I taught ny student. Hes always a joy to work with and today was no different. It was glazing day and i taught him many of my fun tricks and he loaded Granny and got her firing away. Tonorrow we'll crack her open and aee what gems she gives us. 

The amazing thing was that his mom, a friend of mine and fellow Ole, made me a belated birthday cake. She picked him up and came in carring this cake with her other three kids in town all grinning! I was blown away! Flabbergasted! So surprised and thankful. It was perfect! And i have a lovely drawn card from them that will be frames ans displayed in my studio. So seriously 34, I mean it! You are looking really darn good to me right now. Couldbt be better in fact. I cannot wait to see what gems you givw me for the next 365 daya. 

Christina Osheim